A downloadable game for Windows

Guide Mr. Robot through 22 levels in the factory. He must pick up all floor-lights before he can proceed to the next level.

Mr. Robot will encounter many obstacles during his adventure. There are ladders, moving treadmills, bombs to walk over and ignite, slides, lifts, teleporters, trampolines and magnets to help - or prevent - him reach the end.

Beware of deadly monsters! When Mr. Robot collects power pills, he is protected by a power shield for a brief moment. When shielded, Mr. Robot is invincible to monsters.

Can you reach the final level?

It sports tough, but forgiving, playability, a swinging soundtrack and colourful retro-graphics!


Gamepad or keyboard.

Arrow keys to move, Z key to jump.


This is a remake of the 1984 Datamost game originally created by Ron Rosen.

Programming and Graphics: Vidar Bang.

Music: Uncle & the Bacon.

Title Screen, Sound Effects & 8-bit music: Roy Widding.

Released in August 2016 by Rebel Android.

Thanks to our testers: Ruben Spaans and Anders Rodahl.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorRebel Android
Tags2D, atari, Commodore 64, Pixel Art, Remake, Robots
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)


Mr. Robot.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and double-click MrRobot.exe to start the game.


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Thank you for this fantasic remake that I  can't get enough of, very impressive!! A lot of games would benefit from a makeover like this : )   In level 4 there is only 2 green power pills need to be  3 if I'm not mistaken... So in my world it's basicly impossible to fight the fire scamper in the upper right hand corner.  

Hi peacelover! Thank you for the nice comment. I do have to admit that the conversion is not as good as it should be - there are certain aspects of the original that I neglected to account for (wall bounce, iirc).

I do seem to recall I was able to finish the game during testing, but that could also be a false memory :)

I think this game could benefit from an online version with a level editor like the original. I heard mr. Rosen had an idea about that, wonder if he still wants to move on with the idea. It's an intriguing thought.

 Thank you again, I have to check level 4 for inaccuracies.

It's absolutely possible to make it past level 4, but you'll have to be terribly fast over the bombs and when jumping over the firescamp on top : ) Anyway excellent work, a real masterpiece and in my experience mayby the best game outhere, a real bestseller. Well done both of you and it's certainly a hit if it reaches the market. Almost a little sad not to let the world enjoy such a precious gemstone. Good luck // Jonas 

Hey You took my name off??? :)

Hey Ron! It does say Ron Rosen quite prominently I think. Great original game by the way, it was one of my favourites back in the 80's. :)

Love it! thanks to make this REMAKE! :D 

Thank you RogelioVR!

Hi, Rebel Android!  Thank you so much for bringing this game back to life! This was one of my favourite C64 games as a kid, mostly for the option of building my own (bugged/impossible:)) levels. I read in an old article that this feature might be added to this version. Was it added in the end? And is the game for Windows only or can I play it on my Linux machine (or Mac)? 

Hi RoboCoppi. Thank you for the comments. Unfortunately, there is no editor for this version. And it's only for Windows, I'm afraid. The opportunity is open for another dedicated developer, I guess :)

Somehow not caught this 'til now, a much-loved game at the time, and nice little tune on Atari. Thanks for making this at all let alone making it freely available.

Thanks for the kind comments!

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Fantastic port of the C64 original that I loved so much!

I would like to write an Android version of this game (I also wrote a Psion S3a version of Mr. Robot decades ago). The Android game would be 100% free and I would also make it open source once finished. Would you allow me to use the assets of the Windows game for it (graphics and sounds)? I would of course gladly ask for your final OK once the game actually gets finished. It would be my first Android game project (LibGDX).

Kind regards,

Hi Marcel,

Sounds like a good idea! Permission granted

I'd love to play it, give me a heads up when it's ready :)




That's great to hear, thank you very much! I will of course also include the credits of all that worked on your version of the game.



Great platformer, are you planning any further levels. I also had an idea to change the character


Thanks. There are no plans for further development. Do you have a proposal? :)

Most welcome

I was actually thinking a pacman style hack or Manic miner style graphics.

Is it possible to create extra levels?


I kind of missed this post. Yes, I used Tiled to create the maps.

Made a video - https://youtu.be/Wd0TUeKoqjI

Thanks, that was pretty entertaining :)

Hey I loved this game in C64! what did you make it with?

Hi petruza, we loved it too on the C64 :) - We used Lua for the game logic, SDL 2 for input, rendering and audio, and a custom engine to bind it all together. Maps were done using Tiled.