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Return of Fury+, the classic Bruce Lee, and bonus material.

Return of Fury is an unofficial continuation of the classic C64 platform beat'em up Bruce Lee, originally published in 1984 by DataSoft, Inc.


35 years later, the Evil Emperor has again risen to power. Only one man can save the day, and we all know who. Bruce's long-time foes, the green Yamo and the Ninja is back, hell-bent on foiling any progress he might make in his attempt overthrow the Evil Emperor.


  • Return of Fury+ is a bug-fixed and enhanced version of Return of Fury.
  • No intros.
  • Configurable character colours.
  • Easy / Hard modes.
  • Competition mode.
  • Cheats.
  • A version with alternative sprites by TIX.
  • 3 player action using a Protovision 4 player adapter.
  • The classic Bruce Lee game, bug-fixed and with 3 player support.
  • The amazing loader picture by Rune Spaans set to haunting music by Anders Rodahl.
  • The classic loader picture set to stunning music by Ole Marius Pettersen.


This game is for Commodore 64/128 computers and compatibles such as the Ultimate 64, emulators or TheC64 Mini. Download the archive and install the preferred file for your system.


Bruce Lee (1984, DataSoft, Inc.)

Original design and programming: Ron J. Fortier

Graphics: Kelly Day

Music & Sound Effects: John A. Fitzpatrick

Bruce Lee - Return of Fury+ (2019, Rebel Android)

Maps, additional code and music: Vidar "dmx" Bang

Title logo: Chris "Flow TnT" Persad

Alternate sprite set: Konstantinos "TIX" Giamalidis

Bonus Material

Loading picture: Rune "Sparkler" Spaans

Loading picture music: Anders "Rage" Rodahl

Classic picture music: Ole Marius Pettersen

Quality Assurance

Vinny Mainolfi, Chris Persad, Weasel/Padua, Roy "Rotteroy" Widding, Andrew "Merman" Fisher, Kåre "Docster" Johansen.


2019-11-10 - All files updated.

Bruce Classic: Updated to remove anti-cheat that kicked in, causing number of falls to decrease to zero.

ROF+: Game would freeze if button hit while in demo.

D64: There were some sector errors that caused problems with some fastloaders. Image has been updated.


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We'd be grateful for any feedback you may have, please leave a comment below.

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Updated 2 hours ago
Published 7 days ago
AuthorRebel Android
GenrePlatformer, Adventure, Fighting
Tagsbrucelee, Commodore 64
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsGamepad (any), Joystick
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 3


Bruce Lee - Duology.d64 170 kB
Bruce Lee - Duology.cjm 79 bytes


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(1 edit)

Really great work, thank you!!

I've tried the .crt version on a C64 Mini.

For the player selection to work in Bruce Classic where you need to either press F1, F3 or F5 I have made a .cjm file with the following content:

T:Bruce Lee Duology

Just copy/paste the above in a text-editor and save.

The filename needs to be the same as the .crt filename, just with .cjm as extension. Just make sure that there is no hidden extension, like e.g. .cjm.txt !

The .cjm file needs to be in the same directory as the .crt file.

On the Bruce classic selection screen you can now press the leftmost button for F1, the second button for F3 and the third button is F5.

(1 edit)

Awesome! I added it as a download!

Files updated: Fixed a bug in Bruce Classic where lives suddenly went to 0. Fixed a bug in ROF+ where game froze if button hit in demo mode.

Disc version of B/L Classic wont load with a Jiffy kernal.

(1 edit)

Hi! Only Classic, or any other file as well? Thank you for reporting. I updated the d64, hopefully it works better. Please confirm if you have the time.

Can confirm all files working again with Jiffy kernal. Thank you :)

Thank you, that takes a load off my shoulders :) Hope you enjoy it!